Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun Stuff from Oriental Trading

I keep a goody bin filled with items that can be sent to sponsored kids. These are all from the Oriental Trading catalog.

When I write letters - about every 6-8 weeks - I grab something from the bin and put it in along with the letter. Whatever is left over goes to my daughter and the neighbor kids. Here's how to find the items above in the Oriental Trading catalog:

  • Make-a-Fish Aquarium Stickers - $2.99 per dozen
  • IN-34/684
  • Bird Sticker Books - $5.99 per dozen
  • IN-9/1082
  • Design your own Noah's Ark Sticker Scenes - $4.99 per dozen
  • IN-57/6308
  • 3-D Space Sticker Books - $9.99 per dozen
  • IN-9/1091
  • ***NOTE: These are expensive -- and the 3D effect isn't great. If I had to order again, I would go with...
  • Make Your Own Solar System Stickers - $2.99 per dozen
  • IN-70/3770
  • "God's Greatest Gift" Color Your Own Stickers - $2.99 per dozen
  • IN-36/1858
  • Make A Racecar Sticker Sheets - $2.99 per dozen
  • IN-9/748